Cosmos Pjs Set - Purple - Purple
The Cosmos Pjs set is the perfect choice for early morning errands and netflixing at night. When you invest in this pjs set, you will invest in your sleep. It ensures you are as comforatable as possible. We believe every...
LE 490
The Arcade Velvet Shawl - Black - Pattern Print
The Arcade velvet shawl comes in soft velvet fabric. It is designed with exotic vibrant designs. It celebrates colors in a festive style. Style it with our royal blue dress. Specs: Dimensions 70 cm X 2 meters. Velvet Fabric. Pattern...
LE 400
Wine Velvet Classic Pjs Set - Maroon - Maroon
The wine Velvet classic pajams is the one you need to feel warm and chic at home. It features open chest and elastic band pants for extra comfort. Specs: Shirt Length 65 cm. With Collar. With Buttons. Classic Pants 100...
LE 650
Comfort Fluffy Plush Robe - Navy Blue - Navy Blue
The navy comfort fluffy plush robe will help you stay warm in style at home . IIt deliver the ultimate softness and coziness, it comes with ultra Soft Polar Fleece that suits the wintery cold nights. Wrap up in the...
LE 750
Midi Wool Dress With Side Belt - Navy Blue - Default
With the midi wool dress, you will have effortless style and endless possibilities for everyday possibilities. This dress will keep you warm topped with a flirty side slit. Specs: Midi Dress 100 cm. Long Sleeves. Half Collar. Heavy Wool Fabric...
LE 690
Work From Home Pjs Set - Lilac - Lilac
The work from home pjs is almost too stylish to reserve for sleeping, we ensure you, you can attend your zoom meetings wearing this set. This calimg lilac color will boost your mood and help you start your day in...
LE 490
Comfortfluffy Plush Robe - Emerald Green - Emerald Green
The comfort fluffy plush robe is the perfect piece for evening and morning to stay warm and relaxed at home. The emarald green color will make your new year night looks extravagent. Be warm in the furry comfort of your...
LE 750
The Asian Elephant Velvet Shawl - Mint - Animal Print
The aisan elephant velvet shawl celebrates every animal lover. When you wear , it is like you traveled to Asia. It comes in soft velvet fabric, it will be soft on your skin. Specs: Dimensions 70 cms X 2 meters....
LE 400
The Basic Puffy Sleeve Dress - Blue - Default
Specs: Below Knee Dress 110 cm. Long Sleeves. Round Neck. Unattached Belt. Stretchy Wool Fabric. Back Hidden Zipper. Elastic Sleeves.
LE 540
Beauty Sleep Pjs Set - Black - Black
The Beauty Sleep PJs set will make you feel warm and make you feel good in this velvet soft fabric. It designed to feel lazy but stylish with this chic black and grey color combination. Specs: Top Length 70 cm....
LE 530
Deep Sleep Pjs Set - Mint - Mint
The deep sleep pjs will help you to drift off for a long deep sleep, it is perfect to wear at a very long day. The color mint will relax you and put you in the right mood to get...
LE 490
The Crimson Pjs Set - Navy Blue - Navy Blue
The navy blue crimson pjs set features the timless navy blue and maroon combination you will never get bored of this color combination. It will put you in the right mindset and make you feel great .I Mix it up...
LE 530
Sweet November Pjs Set - Mint - Mint
This sweet november pjs set will change up your sleep game, You will fall in love with this mix of colors and it will take over your sleepwear. You can mix it w with Rafeya"s Emerald green fleece robe and...
LE 530
Fur Oversized Soft Hoodie - Navy Blue - Navy Blue
The Hoodie fur blanket is the one piece it will put you in the winter spirit. Wear it with some hot chocolate and pop corn at the comfort of your home. It features undercloth fur to keep you warm. It...
LE 550
Turtle Neck Soft Wool Long Dress - Black - Default
The Turtle neck long dress is the piece you do not want to miss, it is effortlessly chic. Toy can style with any piece, and you will be good to go. You can style it with your ankle boots or...
LE 750
Girl In Turban Loose Kimono - Navy Blue - Default
The girl in turban loose kimono will evoke your artistic spirt. You will be wearing piece of art. This print is an exclusive pattern you will only find at Rafeya's. The loose kimono focuses on the back with this unique...
LE 850
Fur Oversized Soft Hoodie - Dark Mustard - Dark Mustard
The Hoodie fur blanket screams winter nights, It will make you stay warm at the comfort of your home. It features undercloth fur to keep you warm. It comes with a hoodie and extra cute bunny ears. This is the...
LE 550
Midi Wool Dress With Side Belt - Green - Default
The green wool dress with a light stretch will keep you warn in this cold season. The side belt gives it updates look. Specs: Midi Dress 100 cm. Long Sleeves. Round Neck. Wool Fabric with a Stretch. Side belt.
LE 600
The Basic Puffy Sleeve Dress - Red - Default
The basic puffy sleeve dress is a wardrobe essential. We say every woman should own a red dress/It comes in blue. Specs: Below Knee Dress 110 cm. Long Sleeves. Round Neck. Unattached Belt. Stretchy Wool Fabric. Back Hidden Zipper. Elastic...
LE 540
Chunky Wool Kimono - Neon - Default
The Chunky wool kimono is the perfect choice for chilly nights. The neon color will make you stand out in any crowd. Specs: Kimono Length 110 cm. Long sleeves 60 cm. Wool Fabric.
LE 600
Orchid Tweed Kimono - Purple - Default
The orchid tweed kimono comes in three unique colors that suits every mood. It comes in light and soft tweed fabric. Style it with our white turtle neck and yor favourite boots, you will be ready to hit the road....
LE 550
African Beauty Kimono - Grey - Default
The African beauty kimono comes in a striking velvet colors. The african beauty is given new life in this design. You will comforatbley wear on a dress or your favoutite. Specs: Kimono Length 100 cm. Long sleeves 60 cm. Velvet...
LE 650

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