The 4 fashion rules you won't believe are breakable! (Third one is a real shocker) 


You can do this, do that
Wear this, ditch that
What's with all the people trying to tell us what to wear?   
Truth is .. the sky is the limit !

1- Skinny tall girls can't wear maxi skirts because it'll make them look "taller" and "skinnier"

Well for one, what’s wrong with being tall?
If you  arr tall and/or skinny, then accentuate that and embrace it in all the ways possible. In fact, there are many other important factors that play an integral part like: the color ,the material, the pattern, the cut and the way you wear it! 
So if you are tall and/or skinny and you like wearing maxi skirts, don't even think twice!

2- You can only wear basic colors to work.  

The world has had enough beige and gray for the rest of history.
You can still always wear those ,but the rules don't exist. It's an imaginary line that some boring ancestor drew back in time.
You can look professional in almost every color there is.
My mum owned a golden suit that she wore to meet with the prime minister once.
My first thought was that my mom must have lost her mind, but guess what? She actually rocked it! Was not just professional but also STYLISH 

3- Plus size girls can't wear light colors  

Yeah it makes a lot of sense to de-light fat girls (yeah I said fat ,nothing wrong with being fat) 
Wear dark cloths to stay in the shades,like when you contour your un-desired areas with make up. 
Absolute myth that just speaks shame and ignorance. If you are fat ,curvy or even pregnant for all i care, there is no color code ! 
Wear whatever color u like ,don't be afraid to shine! 
Your body is not an "undesired" area that needs to be hidden ,it's ur kingdom. 
Embrace your assets and show them off whenever you feel like it. 
White ,orange ,red ,yellow ,green , gold and silver wear them all and own them! 

4- You can't wear flashy stuff in the morning or to an outdoor event 

Meh , what if i want to wear a flashy outfit? That's how trends start, when someone is confident enough to wear what they like! 
You are the designer of your own wardrobe ,no one knows ur own body better than you do. Get ahead of the game and be the center of attention with a glitter skirt in an outdoor birthday party. Because you want to! 

Rules are made to be broken, whoever set these rules was someone just like you and me, so feel to break them.Always remember that there was a fashion rule against women wearing pants once. 


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